Ligature Invitations : Organic Alignment


Clean, personal and unique.

As you can see, each suite in Ligature is different from the next. This one has a lightness, a freshness to it that we really love. It's an original caps Paperfinger lettering style, coupled with a relaxed script for the couple's names. A dusty plum color makes up the body text and the names and highlighted elements are presented in a warm peachy tone.

It's tidy, personal and friendly. There's a neatness to the caps lettering and a cool flow to how the words are aligned, varying in heights but consistent in strength. The entire piece is handwritten to order.

The postcard RSVP is a also good fit for the less formal vibe, along with a petite card directing guests to the wedding website.

For this sample, our clients were getting married in an Austin brewery so we added the bubbling beer mug to the piece. When you order this suite, we'll work with you to choose an appropriate illustrated icon for yours.

Printing method: Letterpress, 2 colors on all pieces

Paper: 100% Cotton Cranes Lettra in Pearl White
Choose from standard or double thickness

Components: Invitation, Reply Postcard, Website/Info Card, Outer Envelopes