Ligature Invitations : Split Fountain


Graceful and relaxed with a unique color technique.

There’s a certain ease to the Paperfinger calligraphy we chose for this design. The slightly rounded and flowing script makes a particularly graceful impression with letterpress. It's elegant but loose.

The two-color letterpress printing technique called “split fountain” makes this design especially unique. What this means is that two colors are applied during printing and blend together where they meet, creating a beautiful effect. You can see how the top few lines are a light, minty green and gradually it fades into a cool tealish blue. The color created by those two blended colors, a greenish teal, is used on the reply and website cards.

With the gradient of color tones, it is distinctive, legible and vibrant without being over the top.

Printing method: Letterpress

Paper: 100% Cotton Cranes Lettra in Pearl White
Choose from standard or double thickness

Components: Invitation, Reply Card, Website/Info Card, Outer Envelopes, Reply Envelopes