Ligature Collection : Invitations Q&A

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How long does it take to get the invitations back?

Quick answer:

One month ASSUMING you approve the proofs within 2 days and don't request any changes.

Longer answer:

Two weeks and two weeks. Roughly. Our turnarounds on each step are reliable. But your turnaround time isn't necessarily set in stone. Maybe you take a while reviewing the proof, discussing it with family, etc. Maybe you decide to request a wording change right before we go to press. These things will extend the timeframe so we can't promise an exact date -- it depends on both of us.

Can I make changes to the wording / ink color / paper / or calligraphy style?

Changing the wording:

Absolutely! Since each order is custom written by hand just for you, we expect that you'll want to adjust how the invitation is worded. Please note that if your wording exceeds the average length on any particular piece (invitation 150 words; reply card 20 words), we will charge for the additional calligraphy time at $100/hour on the half hour.

Changing the ink color(s):

If you have specific ink colors in mind, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request. Contact us with the color information if we can do it, there will be a flat custom ink charge of $250 at a minimum. If you request multiple colors, these would be quoted on unique basis.

Changing the paper:

At this time, no paper changes can be made. You do have the option for a few of the designs to choose between standard thickness or double thick stock. We took extra special care to choose the best paper for each design and we're pretty sure you'll love what we selected.

Changing the calligraphy style:

Any design-related or creative change requests will be treated as a custom order, which means that it would be scheduled and quoted on an individual basis, subject to availability in our studio calendar. Learn more about custom invitation design services here. Just let us know what you are envisioning and we'll get right back to you.

Overall, the Ligature suites were designed with limited options to keep the process simple and for Paperfinger to offer a refined design, assembled and created with great care. If you're looking to make a bunch of changes to any of the Ligature suites, it's time to talk about a custom project. Here's a contact form if you're interested in receiving a quote or further details.

Why no inner and outer envelope options?

Inner and outer. Eh. We can happily live without 'em as do most of our Paperfinger clients. So we did!

As always, contact us if you have a burning desire for them and we might be able to work something out.

Can you add an illustration / monogram / graphic to the design?

If the design doesn't already include an illustration element, no. No design elements can be added to any of these suites. For requests of this nature, contact us about a custom suite.

Can I add envelope addressing to my order?

Addressing is a schedule service that is subject to availability. The sooner you let us know, the better! We're happy to schedule addressing in advance of when you'll need it. All you have to do is contact us with the details and once we receive a 50% deposit, the time will be blocked in our calendar. We allocate a two-week window for addressing envelopes. The start and finish dates will be agreed upon when we prepare your estimate.

How many invitations should I order?

You might know the total number of guests but remember that your invitation count will be a lower number. Let's say you're inviting about 150 people. That is probably around 100 invitations because you need to count in terms of household units, couples, etc. to determine the number to order. We always suggest ordering a bit more than you think you need, in case you want to send some last minute additions and keepsake copies for you. Once the invitations print, it is not easy to request "a few more." Printing more is like setting the entire job up for production all over again, so this will be costly. 

How many envelopes should I order?

We recommend an additional 20% on top of your invitation count. This is our policy for any envelopes Paperfinger addresses so that there are extras in case of spilled ink or bloopers. Most calligraphers follow this standard.

What are the terms and conditions of ordering from the Ligature collection? Refunds, guarentees, etc.?

By choosing to order invitations from Paperfinger's Ligature collection, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • 100% refund available within 72 hours of placing an order.
  • 50% refund available after 72 hours of placing an order and within up to 5 days.
  • No refund available 5 days after placing your order.
  • You, our client, play a role in how quickly the invitations are completed. If you delay during proof review or sign-off, your delivery date wil be delayed as a result. Paperfinger can only estimate, but not guarantee turnaround times due to the variability of client response time. 
  • Paperfinger retains all rights to all artwork and designs. The proofs, excerpts of the proofs or copies of any artwork provided or created by Paperfinger may not be used by the client for any purpose without explicit permission from Paperfinger.
  • Paperfinger has the right to refuse any order for a full refund.
  • The client is responsible for any charges incurred due to changes requested after the proof has been approved.
  • If changes are requested after printing has commenced, they will not be able to made. This includes quantity, wording or paper type changes. Adding more pieces, increasing quantities, etc. will be quoted on an individual basis and the standard pricing may not necessarily apply.
  • No work will be completed until full payment has been received.
  • Paperfinger calligraphy and handwriting is not an exact science. The words will be written to match the design and style you see pictured. Please note that since each letter is written by hand, slight variations and subtle inconsistencies are possible. We will not be able to accommodate aesthetic change requests for this type of thing -- we stand by the art we deliver as a close match to the style pictured in each sample.