Paperfinger Complete : Custom Invitations Q&A

Paperfinger has a long tradition of offering bespoke invitation design. We love it. And we put a great deal of care, energy and creativity into the process. If you're interested in having a custom design created for your wedding, we'd be happy to talk to you. To inquire, please complete this form and we will follow up to confirm our availability as well as begin preparing a quote.

Questions & Answers about Paperfinger Complete

What's the difference between ordering from the Ligature Collection and Paperfinger Complete?
The process is the key difference. Ligature invitations are ideal for:

  • couples who see one of these designs and say, hey that's perfect for us!
  • folks in a hurry to get their invites but still want them to be special
  • couples who want to spend a bit less on their invites but are looking for a unique online option

Choosing Paperfinger for a custom design is a personalized experience that takes more time, spreading out over anywhere between three months to a year. This leaves lots of time for us to come up with a design just for you. Colors, styles, papers, layouts, all of it is created just for you and your wedding.

How much do custom invitations cost?

All custom invitation design is quoted on an individual basis. As a baseline, a custom suite of 100 invites will start at around $2800. Complete this form so that we can get an estimate started for your wedding.
Factors that influence the final pricing include: quantity, design, dimensions, the type of printing (flat, engraving, letterpress, etc.), paper and number of colors.

What's the process like?

After receiving your inquiry, we'll send you a ballpark quote and arrange a time to talk about the specifics.

We can talk over a phone conversation or in-person meeting. This is when you provide information about the definite components, require- ments and any other preferences. If you have samples of designs you really like or examples from my portfolio that you want to reference, that’s always helpful. We may look through examples together to talk about the various options for paper, colors, printing methods, designs. At this time, we also identify possible calligraphy and lettering styles and discuss the look/feel/aesthetic that you’re going for. You’ll provide a draft of the language you’d like to use.

We'll then finalize the estimate and send you a suggested timeline. With your approval and a fifty percent deposit, the design process kicks off!

Then the sketching and brainstorming process begins! During this phase, we work on pencil sketches of the different ideas for your design. I’ll often write out samples of the calligraphy styles we’re considering as well. You’ll receive at least 3-5 sketches of different concepts and ideas that you can review by email.

After you’ve spent some time with the sketches, you choose a concept and provide any additional feedback or guidance. With more details clarified, the estimate and pricing can be confirmed at this point in case there are any changes to the project scope.
At this point, the final artwork, ink work and calligraphy begins. We'll produce a near-final version for your review. Any necessary revisions are made. Last step before printing, you will receive the absolute final proof for your approval and sign-off. This is the time when you read, re-read and triple-read it to make sure all the details are correct!

Printing follows, and turnaround times depend on the type of printing and other project specifics. If you’d like addressing done, then that commences as soon as the job finishes printing.

How far in advance do I need to book Paperfinger for custom design services?

Advance booking is highly recommended. The sooner you contact us, the better. A minimum of two months is suggested. A 50% deposit is required to reserve time in the Paperfinger calendar. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance of the project will be invoiced upon completion.

What are my options?

The world is our oyster! From designs to styles, colors, layouts, sizes, materials, printing, we can discuss lots of fun options. Or if that sounds overwhelming, just let us know what you like and we'll present you with our top choices and best ideas.
A wide variety of printing options are available to you. Paperfinger partners with a number of talented printers who specialize in different types of processes and techniques.